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Why we need cooperation in cyberspace?

The last year was the cyberwar hype year, nearly everyday new articles were published about the danger and also about the hype of cyberwar. The truth lies between this two positions because it is very difficult to understand this topic.

Firstly, these definitions for cyberwar and the law framework are at the beginning.

Secondly, only insiders of army and intelligence communities are able to estimate the real offensive capabilities of nations.(But they will not prepare the treaties)

Researchers at universities are struggling with these communities in their research. This made it very hard to understand this topic. Now, universities are starting unclassified projects but the capabilities of some states where build up in the past ten years, so there is numerous of work to do for researchers.

It is the task of all people from the Internet to break up the information wall between open information and closed information in cyberspace to a rational point.
Another goal should be to overcome the drift between Information technology and politics. Information technology researchers have not spoken for a lot of years with researchers from other disciplines and vice versa. It exists a communication barrier between them because one group cannot understand the other group. It could be a result of the classified communication system which are not intended to create a open and wide discussion about this topic. And for some researchers cyberwar is hard to understand because you need a lot of technical knowledge to understand cyber war.


In conclusions, intelligence communities are aware of cyberwar for a long time and they have done much research but for normal researchers this is a barrier because not everybody can take a look at their knowledge, this makes an open and worldwide discussion nearly impossible. The Internet as we know exists for a long time and the information security community was aware of a lot of problems in cyberspace but the researchers in law or international politics were not able to communicate because the communication platform was not there. So we have two large barriers in order to do research for cyberwar in cyberspace:

  1. Mostly all relevant offensive and defensive capabilities are classified— a significant problem for people who want to prepare international treaties.(keyword: transparency and confidence)
  2. The interdisciplinary communication was impossible because law makers and researchers in non-technical studies were not able to talk to the information security people because there is a knowledge barrier of ten years or more. (Problem of non -interdisciplinary studies)

The word “cyberwar” was used as a synonym for wikileaks, DDos attacks, script kiddies, Stuxnet and cyberespionage for this reason the word “cyberwar” was over-hyped and until now undefined. This is a very uncomfortable situation for all people who are using the Internet. Without a clear definition other people can use the words for their interests.

We have to be aware of the different parts of our Internet. We also have to work as a community- we need bloggers, army, politics, law makers, NGOs, foundations, hackers and several more people to analyze this new situation.

Cyberspace has not only some special technical attributes like the transportation of information with the speed of light, it has also the attribute that different people and groups are using this great invention. The “new” Internet was made out of cooperation and will survive only with cooperation! Let us use our global network to get behind the cold cyber– curtain. Indeed the army and the intelligence community need their space in cyberspace but at first the Internet is an open and public environment and not a battleground.

We will soon publish a paper about advantages for the cybercrime community from the distrust of all nations in cyberspace and the non cooperation of legal enforcement!

[update: Bruce Schneier about the problem of a definition of cyberwar Cyberwar ]

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Florian Grunert is a student of international politics and philosophy. He is doing research and analyzing studies about cyberwar and related topics. You can visit the page for more information.

Florian Grunert:
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